Mission / Vision Statement

To help men in need develop Christ-like maturity by providing structure, discipleship, fellowship, encouragement and needed life skills in a Christian home environment in order for them to become productive members of society.

Bethel Ministries was created to help individuals in need to ‘transform while they transition’ before re-entering mainstream society. Bethel Ministries is for those men who are desirous to change and pursue a better way of life.

The Bethel Ministries program is targeted toward serving the needs of men on parole, whose lives may include multiple problems such as alcoholism, drug and/or sexual addiction, homelessness, and a lack of discipline and purpose in their life, who after leaving incarceration want a fresh start and opportunity to prove themselves as a trustworthy, responsible citizen again. Studies around the world and throughout the U.S. have demonstrated the positive results obtained through Christ-centered, faith-based recovery programs for those desiring to change their lives. Bethel Ministries in Boise, Idaho, is here for them.

This model is based on Christ-centered programs currently in operation throughout our country. We do not claim to be able to change hearts. What we are able to do is introduce others to the only One who can change lives, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our clients enter into a private residence and live in a family setting, semi-protected, and away from areas of temptation with a live-in house leader. During their six to twelve month stay, they are matched with mentors, church and para-church groups, are expected to obtain employment, attend 12-step programs and participate in group and individual counseling, meet with licensed counselors, psychiatrists and psychologists as required on an individual basis. The men are introduced to local churches where they can begin to attend and develop relationships with individuals that can be a positive influence and encouragement in their lives, all in an effort to guide individuals into a victorious and successful life through Christ.

The entire process is designed to bring about positive results: teaching by example, discipline, work ethic and how a family and individuals should function together.